Soulful Silence

Indian Museum, Kolkata reserved Mondays for children with special needs. It is an attempt of the museum to be more inclusive. As special children are extremely sensitive and feel helpless to exposure to crowds and noise, therefore, India Museum has taken this initiative.

Cultural Performance on “Shakti Rupena”

Smt. Dona Ganguly and her team Diksha Manjari performed ‘Shakti Rupena’ at the Asutosh Birth Centenary auditorium of Indian Museum, Kolkata with students, children, youth, sex-workers and transgender on the momentous occasion of the International Museum Day 2022.

Seminar on ‘Recent Researches on Harappan Culture’

Indian Museum, Kolkata organised a Seminar on ‘Recent Researches on Harappan Culture’ at the Indian Museum. It was a unique gathering of students, scholars, researchers, professors, and ex-servicemen, who were mesmerized by the insightful talks of the speakers. The academic session concluded with the distribution of the certificates to all the participants.